Thursday, March 11, 2010


We arrived shortly before midnight Ukrainian time. Upon exiting the plane, the cold nightair woke us up. And i mean cold--minus 8 degrees Celcius. We exited the plane directly outside and boarded a bus to take us to the terminal. Unprepared for that type of exit and we weren't wearing our jackets either. Brrrrrrr! Inside terminal, passport check time. All clear, let's go get our luggage. that's right you know where this is going don't you? Round and round the carousel goes and nary a Webb bag on it. It seems that when we didn't board our British Airways flight, neither did our luggage. Nor was it sent sightseeing to Germany. I guess they just hung out with the Brits and enjoyed a spot of tea.

After about an hour of hunt and seek, we got info about how to call and locate them for the next day. Bagless, we ventured out into arrival area where "Uncle Niko" awaited us. Bless his heart, he not only came late at night to get us, but also waited the extra hour while we played "let's find our luggage". He even made sure to wash his vehicle prior to our arrival so we could enjoy a clean ride to our apartment. Small problem-water + minus 8 degrees Celcius temperatures = frozen doors and locks. We all had a good laugh and eventually got in.

Our apartment was clean and accommodating. After small talk, unpacking the few carryon items we had, we said goodnight to our new Uncle Niko. Since all of out tolietries, change of clothes, etc were in our suitcases, preparing for bed wasn't as long as usual. No teeth to brush, no clothes to change into, just blankets to crawl under. Heck, without teeth being brushed no kissing goodnight either. Ahhhhhhhh, sleep here we come. Until tomorrow when we meet Serge and hopefully find our luggage.