Thursday, March 11, 2010


We made it. Now, on to the Ukraine. Oh, wait... I forgot to mention that we don't leave for 5 1/2 hours. Ok, let's get something real to eat. Never realized how hard it is to order simple food in another language. My ham and cheese - strange cheesy taste for me; Logan struggles with his "crunchy" hot dog (the outer skin dries out after cooking); and Robin, she can eat anything... just about. All-in-all not bad, but not too satisfying either. Break out a Twix bar. After finding our boarding gate, sleep is definitely in order. Sprawled out on the airport chairs, we all catch some shut-eye. Mom & Dad about 2 hours, Logan about 3. Ouch, my aching back. Time to board. This plane is a little larger but a newer, cleaner model of the one we took into Germany. Takeoff scenario... the same, except I am not falling asleep this time. My two "dwarves", Sleepy and Excited, are in their usual positions and away we go. Much smoother take-off. Not as much shimmy and shake, not as bad on the nerves. Maybe I'm getting better at this or maybe I'm just too exhausted to worry. Alright it's mealtime again. Pasta with bread and some green stuff and mushrooms I had to scrape off the top before eating. Ukraine is in site, and I finally fall asleep for 20 minutes anyway. Upon landing in the Ukraine, all told the sleep total is Dad-2 hours and 20 minutes; Mom-5 hours; Logan-4 1/2 hours. Well prepared for what was about to happen next.


  1. This is so amazing to read and such an amazing adventure. Your spirits are so high, that it is just contagious as I read this! I thought of you as you walked out your door as 3 and will next walk in as 4! We'll keep you in our prayer!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. It has really been an exciting journey. You will have to check out today's blog update.

    Keep praying... we need your prayers.