Thursday, March 11, 2010


Plane's a little late finally getting in and getting everyone off. Connecting flight leaves in 45 minutes, we'd better hurry. Bags are already checked through and it's a connecting flight so this should be easy enough. Crash! That's the sound of that idea dying the hard way. Let me elaborate. First, the British people are very nice and friendly. Upon landing, we rushed through to the connecting flight area. Jim-"Robin, I don't think we're going to make it unless we hurry." Robin's reply, "We'll make it. It's a connecting flight and we should be able to get through the process quickly." First snag-long line at passport check area. Jim-"We're not going ot make it." After an official pulls us from line and sends us through. Robin-"See we're going to make it." Bam! Maybe not, as we get through that area and enter airport security. Can you picture about 500 people all waiting for their carryon and personal checks? Clock's ticking and things aren't looking good. Our turn, several issues as we get checked slow us down. Jim-"We're not going to make it. We only have 15 minutes." Airport security-"No problem, you'll make it. The terminal is right downstairs and you still have 10 minutes." Cleared security. Running on through to the terminal. Problem-where's the plane? Flight doesn't leave until 8:10, it's only 8:05, maybe we're in the wrong spot. Helpful airline information worker-"Oh, that plane left 10 minutes ago. you wouldn't have made it anyway because they close the doors 20 minutes before takeoff." Kaboom! That might have been helpful knowledge to have before running all over the place don't you think? Us-"We didn't make it."

RAMIFICATIONS-In the states, this might not be such a big deal because we jump on the next flight out. Small problem is there are no other flights until the smae time tomorrow. Additional problem, we have a midday appointment that cannot be missed or rescheduled. Panic sets in for Logan and I. Thankfully, Robin is a traveling veteran. She talks with an airport agent who then does her magic to come up with a solution-a flight to Germany! That's right, the Webb family got to make an unexpected visit to Germany. (I am a Vebb after all) After about an hour we're on an older, smaller plane preparing for takeoff. No screens in the seats to distract me this flight. Mild exhaustion is catching up as Robin is zonked out in the seat next to me. The bot of course is looking out the window with wild expectation, and sleep is starting to pull me in. As we sit ready for takeoff, i close my eyes to sleep. Vrooooooooooooom! The plane guns it down the runway and my eyes pop wide open, fully alert and in a slight panic. Robin, out like a light. This smaller plane reminds me of the Amercian Eagle ride at Great America-rickety. As we ascend, the plane shimmys and rattles way too much for my liking. Logan (teasing me) "C'mon dad, look out the window. We're getting way up into the clouds." That boy of mine is a regular riot. Midday airline snack/meal is some strange muffin and cheese spread with diced tomatoes. It must be a British thing-not very good. But since we haven't eaten a real meal yet, we force a few bites.

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