Thursday, March 11, 2010


What a mixed bag of emotions for myself. On the one hand, the excitement of finally getting this process moving towards its ultimate goal is awesome. Knowing that we will finally get to meet the future little Mr. Webb is really cool. And on the other hand, knowing there's 12+ hours of flying, broken into 2 different flight, is unnerving for someone who has only flown once before in his life. My first thought was, where's the Zanex? But when you have awesome friends like the Pattara's show up at your door to pray for you, who needs meds. (Huge thanks JoAnn for praying such an inspired prayer)

Now while I was conflicted over this day, it's safe to say the boy and his mom were not. Logan was nonstop, bouncing off the walls and couldn't wait to get on that plane. (Maybe he needed the meds :o) And Robin is a frequent flyer, so for her this is a walk in the park. She has her sights set on her new son and can't get there quick enough. Ding-dong, limo showed up and away we went.


  1. Awesome that our little dude is all grown up now, and got to take a big-boy plane ride. Great that Logan got to go as well. ;->