Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, every visit has gotten better and better. The little guy is bonding with us more and more. With each visit, he is happier to see us and more adventuresome during our time together. These are great signs that he is well-adjusted and should be able to merge right into our family when we leave and go home. During the visits, he is all smiles. He has become more trusting of each of us, and loves to play.

He and Logan are forming a bond as well. Yesterday he and Logan chased each other around the room and laughed the whole time. It was really cool to watch. He copied many of the things Logan was doing and the coolest thing was that he came and sat in Logan's lap. That was really huge! Logan loved it. He sat there and Logan held him and they rocked. (yes, I have plenty of pictures of it) It's huge because up until that point, he has only wanted to sit in mommy's lap. (yes, that means he has not sat in my lap yet. But I'm sniff, ok. I sniff, sniff understand that his experience with father figures is probably non-exisitent at this point. So I'm not, boo-hoo (that's a full cry) taking it personally) Logan is going to be a great big brother.

We have been able to feed him the last several times as well. The dynamics of that are interesting as well. At two he can basically eat most anything put in front of him. He has been taught to not grab when eating. This is unusual for us, as we are used to Logan when he was a baby wanting to grab everything and stuff it in his mouth. Not so with our new little guy. He eats with his hands at his side and lets the food come to him. This is how they learn inside the orphanage.

He also loves to explore. The room where we get to meet is all new to him and he walks around wanting to see it all. He absolutely loves looking out the window with dad. Robin has introduced him to the ladies, gentlemen's and farmer's horse knee bounce game as well. He giggles everytime. When he's a little older, dad will introduce him to the crazy, insane horse bounce. Much like I did when Logan was a baby.

We brought some simple toys for him. His favorites are two small frisbees that I got from another Robyn, who I do some work with. (BTW, Robyn if you're reading this, thanks not only for the frisbees, but the smiley pens are a HUGE hit here) He also has a soft, spongy ball, a truck and a karate stuffed tiger that makes "hiyah" sounds. All of which are new to him.

Overall, things are going well and we continue to pray for everything to go smoothly in the next week. We cannot wait to start our life back home with our new son and little brother. Thanks to all of you for following along and praying, we feel and appreciate every one of your prayers. Enjoy the bonus picture!

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