Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Can't believe it. We found a pizza place here in the Ukraine. Now mind you, it's not as good as American pizza, but then what really is. Considering we are 5000 miles away, we'll take just about any pizza that comes close. Fortunately, this pizza isn't half bad. Logan and I had to scrape the sliced tomatoes off of course, but that's because we're high maitenance. (All their pizza here comes with actual tomatoes on top of the pizza. I know tomato sauce comes from tomatoes so it shouldn't matter, but I can't get my mind around eating tomatoes. What can I say, I'm screwed up. And of course I've passed that on to Logan-father of the year) Anyway, with our new friend Nancy along, we all enjoyed a taste of home (kind of). We'll keep looking for more familiar foods and keep you posted. (I'm sure you all just wait around to hear about that aspect of our journey with baited breath) Speaking of that, any of you followers of the blog drop us a line. We really do like to hear from back home. It keeps us connected to you. So post a response from time to time and help us not get too homesick. Until tomorrow.


  1. Ok, so Jim, please read to me what else it says on that box besides the word " Pizza ". I must say once again, that I really enjoy being one of your followers!! Very cool to get a glimpse of your adventures! I tell everyone and have passed on this link to both the Pechos and Chris McMahon!
    Tell Robin she has that "new mom glow" : )
    Until you post tomorrows adventure . . . .

  2. Lani, what do you think that I can actually read the language? Please, I can barely read English. I have no idea, but I will see what I can do because I have a Cyrilic alphabet in my book so maybe I can dechiper it. (But I doubt it) Pass the link on to whomever you think wants to follow along. And yes Robin is enjoying being a mom again. She has to balance it between her attention to Logan (she doesn't want to take any attention away from Logan and cause him to feel left out) I'm sure you understand that struggle with 3 girls. But she is bonding with Zach. He sees her as the "safe place" so that is cool to watch. When he feels insecure he puts his arms out and goes to her. Cool.