Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ok, here's another lesson in cultural differences between America and the Ukraine. In the Ukraine, clothes dryers are not very common. (I believe the reason is that they use too much electricity, that's what I was told) So, since we have been here awhile and have only a limited number of clothes with us, we have to find some way to get them clean. When in the Ukraine, do as the Ukrainians do-wash them yourselves. That's right folks, those pictures are of our shower (which again the Ukraine does not have many bathtubs) and the radiator in our bathroom. It's laundry day! First I plung, then I scrub, then I plung and scrub some more. And if they're not clean, well then I do it all over again. (that whole dialog is from the movie Far and Away) Anyway, after cleaning the socks, underwear and t-shirts, we then hang them around the room over the various radiator/heating units throughout. They dry fairly well and quickly. A little too stiff for my liking, but hey they're clean. Because we are at a 5-star hotel, they do have laundry service but it is expensive so we only used it for the jeans and sweatshirts, etc. All the small stuff, we did ourselves. But now that we've discovered Alexander can get our stuff washed, and really cheaply, we will be "sending it out" to get it cleaned. There you have it, another lesson in cultural differences from the other side of the world. Until next time.

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