Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, we didn't want to leave you all hanging so we wanted to update the photo of our boy for you. Now, mind you it's not his best side or anything, but it's still cute. I mean really can you get enough of him. Try not to go too crazy over him. That's why we want to slowly expose you all to him. If we give you too much at one time, you might go crazy with excitement. So enjoy this latest picture. Until the next one...


  1. We're thinking about you all a lot and praying for you all every day! We can tell Zach is quite adorable from the pictures you have posted thus far! :-) FYI, the pizza you got looked WAY better than the NY Style pizza we found while there. :-)

  2. Thanks Stephanie. He is really cute, and so far he seems to be bonding well with all of us. Counting the days and hoping everything continues to stay on course. The pizza wasn't too bad (once you got past the tomatoes that is) and all things considered pretty tasty. There are a few other places we have targeted to try next. Those will be in future posts.