Monday, March 29, 2010


When you find a place around here that is fun (and that won't kill you), you like to go back to it. Well, after the birthday celebration excursion to the dungeon layout at Sir Lancelots we knew we had to take mom back there so she could see it. And since another family from Minnesota had just arrived in country, we needed some good pizza. The really cool thing about this place is that we went a little farther down the hallway and discovered an entirely new section of the "castle". There are all these little rooms sectioned off with different castle decor. It is really cool, and of course Logan just wanted to get his hands on the sword.

The boy loves to cut mom and dad up. What does that say about how we raised him?

Check out the wall behind Robin's head. They have cannonballs imbedded in the walls-COOL!

And what can I say about this picture? Did they raid Mrs. Nancy's closet to get this wonderful article of "clothing"? Possibly, but that's her personal business so I'll leave it alone. Anyway, this picture, for those of you who don't know what this is, is of a chastity belt. This object was worn by young ladies during medieval times to ensure they stayed...ummm pure. This was hanging in the ladies water closet (which yes, I accidentally used because there was no clear sign for men's and womens, but whatever). I do know a few ladies back home that I can bring this home for. You know who you are, heh, heh.

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