Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You wanted pictures of him, you got them! We had court today and Robin Renee & James Robert Webb became the proud parents; and Logan James became the brother of Zachary Robert Webb! As of today, the courts have awarded us the parental rights of the little boy. We still have some paperwork stuff to tie up before we can leave the country, etc, but hopefully there won't be any major issues with it. Robin is presently traveling with Serge to Berdyansk to get his new birth certificate. (We need that to secure his passport, which is the next step on our little journey) Hoping everything goes well so we can get home next week.

These first 2 pictures are of Zach's first meeting with us. He had an infection in his mouth, that's the reason for the redness around his lips. (he was on antibiotics-poor little fella) His first encounter with us was not a happy one for him. His entire world was the small little room he slept, ate and played in. And his only human contact was with the ladies who worked at the orphanage. So when he first saw us, he was a little curious but when left alone for our first visit, which was only 20 minutes, he was not thrilled, thus the tears.

These next two photos are of day 2. We actually got to meet with him alone for several hours. Again, he was curious but not comfortable as evidenced by his forced smile and more tears. Warming up to us will take a little bit of time.


After several more days of visiting, Zach really took to us. He came to look forward to our visits and became really comfortable with all of us. His whole demeanor changed and he was all smiles all the time. Outside of being fussy around snack time, we didn't hear or see him cry at all. At first, he sat in mom's lap most of the time (she was the safe one for him to go to), after several days he felt comfortable getting up, playing with Logan, walking around, and even playing with dad (don't think he had much male contact before we came into his life). Zach has been a delight. He has adapted well in many areas. One big one is when it comes to eating. Most orphanage children have issues with worrying about their food and if someone will take it, thus they usually are very protective of their food. They over eat, they put a death-grip on the food they are given, etc. All of this initially happened with Zach, but after several days he quickly trusted us and reversed most of those habits. It was good to see. We cannot wait to get him home and on our schedule so we can put him on a healthier eating program and also get him in normal clothes.


  1. This is great news on going to court, Congratulations. Just following your blog has been a mix of emotions for me. I can't imagine what its been like for all of you, definitely an adventure for sure but with one of the best endings for anyone to experience. I hope all goes smoothly from here on out.

  2. Congrats! There is nothing like the feeling when you know that you are now forever a family. Cherish every flies by as I am sure you have learned with Logan! Praying for paperwork to be finished quickly so you can be home soon!

  3. Congratulations!!! He is super cute. On the playground accident tell the poor little guy chicks dig scars. See you this summer. Have a safe trip home - love to all.


  4. Hi guys!!! Oh my...Zach is just such a little cutie man!!!!! Congratulations!! We are so happy for all of you! We will continue to pray for the process and for "uneventful" travels! We can't wait to see you as a family of four soon!!

    Ken and Tera

  5. Brian-thank you for the well-wishes. Having people back home caring for us really helps with the mental fatigue.

    Stephanie-as a fellow traveler we know you can relate, so thank you. It was an emotional day in court when the judge gave his ruling. Even though there's still some work to be done and we don't pick him up until tomorrow, it was a relief to finally have it over and move to the next step.

    Nancy-I've already read him the creed, "Pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever". It is a motto he will learn this for sure.

    Ken & Tara-Thank you. We can't wait to get home for sure. We should be able to finish the paperwork before the weekend and then it will be a matter waiting until Tuesday. Wish we could fly home Saturday but we'll have to wait. Hopefully we'll see you at church and catch up.

  6. Congrats Guys!!
    It has truly been a pleasure being on this wild little adventure with you all!!
    I consider you all forever buds :)

  7. Don't go getting all gushy on us now Nancy:o) But yeah we feel the same way about you. It wouldn't have been as "easy" of a trip without you around. Still have trains & planes to go though, so we're not out of here yet.

  8. He is sooo cute! Congratulations on your new little boy-Officially! Yay! Let's hope the trip home comes quickly!

    Big brother Logan-this is for you: Your going to be the best big brother and I am so proud of you Buddy! See you when you get home. Love, Auntie Tina

  9. Oh, I have a big knot in my throat reading this!! So cool to see the "new" Webb family. It is so cool to read about him being comfortable with mom. . . MOM! What a wonderful time for all of you but I am thinking especially of Robin! Love his eyes! Watch out ladies! Can't wait to see you all back and at your baby dedication!!!

  10. Time to change the "Webb" family as of 3/1/10 picture.. Teeheeee!! I bet you all can NOT wait to get home. Did I ask you what size Zach is wearing? I thought I did but got no reply...

    (((hugs))) T

  11. Hey Jim, Wow! Thanks so much for blogging this tremendous journey. It is quite a touching story from start to, well, your new beginning. Congrats to you and your entire family. Happy Easter to all of you! See you at Parkview. Brian D.