Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok, most of us are familiar with Chicago and the dreaded potholes our winter weather brings. Well, let me tell you they are NOTHING compared to the roads here (and sidewalks, but we'll get to that in a minute). I am not sure how harsh the winters are here, but I can tell you that the roads must suffer something fierce because there are potholes as deep as wading pools in this region. Riding in a cab everyday can be hard on the body due to all the bumps, but couple that with the fact that they do not wear seatbelts and there really are no "lanes" as we know them. Basically, if your vehicle can squeeze in that spot to pass, pull over, etc., then you do it. There's nothing like flying down the road and then having your taxi driver whip the car to the right or left to avoid one of these monsters, all the while your son is flopping around in the backseat. It's just surreal.
And if you look closely at the bottom picture, that is not a street, that is a sidewalk. Their sidewalks are just as bad as their streets in many cases, filled with potholes. What is more amazing to me is the number of women wearing high heels or 5" stiletto heals who maneuver these streets with no trouble at all. They must have some of the strongest ankles in the entire world. Heck, today I just twisted my ankle stepping in one as we entered the weekly bazaar, and I'm in gym shoes. Thus endeth today’s lesson.

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