Friday, March 26, 2010


The day before yesterday was our new son's 2nd birthday and yesterday was my (Jim) birthday. Neither event was what the Webb family wanted. First, the little guy didn't get a cake or any presents (except of course if you count his cool new family), but that will happen when we finally get home. It was just another day, outside of mom, dad and Logan singing him happy birthday in a language he doesn't quite understand. Dad's birthday was yesterday and I did not get what I really wanted. Now I am thankful for all the blessing, Robin, Logan, Zach, extended family, health, etc., etc., but the present I really was hoping for this year was a court date so we can finalize this adoption. It didn't happen, and right now it is in limbo for no one knows how long. (I'll spare you the details because I'm trying to stay PC) We would have had to still stay in country over the weekend, but at least Zach would have been with us and in our custody. Now we will still be in country, repeating the same routine the entire weekend, waiting for some silly document to get processed.
Second unwanted birthday present-Robin got sick. Seems she had what I had a few days ago, some stomach bug that completely wipes you out. (Pray Logan doesn't get it-ugh) She mustered enough strength to go to the orphanage but that wiped her out for the rest of the night. Since they all had plans to take me out for dinner, that kind of stunk. So she stayed back and slept. My stand-in "wife" became Nancy the Patriot fan. What lesson is God trying to teach me here? That I have to get along with everyone, even Patriot fans. Fine, fine whatever I'll do it. We did have a good time and got to see the cool part of the Sir Lancelot Restaurant that we've never seen before. (Due to some country band thing going on upstairs, we were sent to the basement. It rocked! It was layed out like a castle and decorated so cool. I LOVE knights and all that type of stuff, and our waitress spoke perfect english-she's actually from America). So we had a good dinner and also took some fun photos. Then Nancy tried to give me a birthday kiss, but I reminded her I'm taken and though I am trying to accept all people for who they are, I just can't get past the fact she roots for the Patriots. Guess I'll never change. Oh well, who cares the Patriots are big stinking cheaters anyway, and they're fans should receive abuse heaped on them in large amounts.


  1. Jim, I think you must have been sneaking beer when no one was looking, the only kissing was you kiss*ng my pats butt*!
    Must be so hard to be such a sore l*oser!!!!!
    Pats Rule!!!

  2. oh, by the way - nice pics. Wonder who took them??

  3. Now, now Nancy we must remain just "friends" (did I just say that? friends with a Patriot fan.) despite your obvious affection for me, "the brother you never wanted". And as for the picture taking, of course you took most of them. Kind of like how those Patriot staff members took illegal video of the Rams Superbowl practices. See, you're a chip off the old block.