Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Several days ago, while we were eating at one of our usual establishments, a stranger made his way up to me on my way back to my table. As I saw him approaching, I was a little cautious as to what his intentions were because the people here do not come up to talk to us. Then he spoke english to me! Awesome. I can't fully explain the jubilation one gets when after being in a foreign country where no one really speaks your language (bless the hearts of our Ukrainian friends who try though), and then encountering someone who does. It's like, WE'RE NOT ALL ALONE, there's a moment of connection that is really satisfying.
That day we met Martin, Jennifer and their daughter Laura. They are actually not Americans, they are Canadians. But hey, when they speak your language, that's close enough that we'll adopt them as fellow North Americans. They are a very nice family, also here for an adoption. Their process has taken them much longer, over 6 weeks. We all went out to Sir Lancelot's restaurant for pizza. We even took our Patriot loving fan, Nancy with us. Can you believe it, I'm allowing a Patriot fan to hang out with us! See how much I've grown since I've been over here. (Not really, she's better at the language than we are so she has some uses:o) It was a fun night and we all had a good time talking about our experiences and how much we all wanted to get finished so we can take our new additions home with us. Hopefully, all of us will be leaving shortly and our new friends will get to step off of their plane to the sound of, "O Canada! Our home and native land!"


  1. smarta** :) :)
    sore loser :(
    Pats rule!!!

  2. now, now Nancy be nice or I won't let you jang around with us anymore. And you don't want to lose your BBFF do you?